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Shake your tail feathers!
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Good morning and welcome to my Art Corner on the internet!

This is my side account to play Arpg games and possibly do fanart. My more serious and business like account is Nainteins

My Crossroad Tracker for all my Tracking Journal of ARPG's, plus other stuff.…

Be free to roam around and ask stuff. Have a nice day.
I can't fail them

I was tagged by ValentinesIre or was by Header06 ?

- You have to post ALL the rules.
- Answer 10 questions that you have been asked then create 10 more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
- Choose 10 people. You can't control me
-Legitimately tag these 10 people. I'm a rebel!
-You can't say you don't do tags. (But I say - yes you can! XP) </s> Just look how hard I'm not doing them!


1) Real life idol?
In my favorites there is a folder that says Fav Artists, all of them
Also, my sister, father and mother

2) What inspires you?
Amazing photos, series and art

3) The dream pet you'd love to own?
... dunno, all a perfect, guess the perfect situation woulb be if someone else take care of all the nasty parts and I only pet/play with it sometimes So many kitty/cat puke, pee and poo, I'm scarred for life

4) Where would you travel if you could travel anywhere?

5) Any specific fandoms you contribute to?
And, Arpg count as fandoms?

6) Favourite and worst food?
Many, mostly meats, fruits, ice cream, I like lots of foods
But I'm very annoyed by anything I can't bite at once, like the spines of fishes, or chicken rice with traitorous bits of bone

7) What are your top three pet peeves?
What is a pet peeve

An irritating experience caused by others in which you cannot controlSomething that is maybe a bit annoying to most people but is very annoying or upsetting to a particular person.
Related to the word peeve meaning an annoyance or grievance, a pet peeve is something that a person has adopted(like a pet) to be extra annoying or upsetting to them.
Like a pet, they pay a lot of attention to this peeve and may talk about it a lot and share funny pictures of it on the internet.'' Urban Dictionary ''

Mmm... Touchy people/strangers  -  Dunno  -  -Shrug-  -
Better not focus in negative stuff m'kay

8) Favourite TV show/cartoon/anime.
Steven Universe - MLP - Teen Titans (The old good ones) - The Land Before Time - Etc etc etc - Again, my fav foulder have tons of clues

9) Is there a person who has significantly influenced your life in a positive way?
Omg, so many people

10) Are you happy with where you are either as a person or with art today?
-Waves hands- I'm sure I'm in the right way, but happyness is not the goal
Is the road -Dramatic light and tiny tear-

My 10 questions
1. What animagi would you choose to be?
2. What would be the second best super power you would want?
3. What advice you would say to your younger self?
4. What's your favorite series of books?
5. Do you like snakes?
6. Do you want to color your hair of an unusual color?
7. Entiendes estas pregunta sin necesidad de usar traductor?
8. Have you seen Zootopia?
9. What's your favourite position to sleep?
10. Have you played Cookie Clicker?

NO (But if for some miracle someone read this and feel compelled to answer, feel free to do it)

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